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Is Paper Sharing Killing the Newspaper Industry?

I found this advertisement in Schonefeld airport in Berlin recently and was struck by the image which suggests the proliferation of a whole lexicon of anti-sharing imagery.

So does this ad tell you (a) not to share the news with your friends and neighbours (b) that reducing the distribution figures for the paper is hurting advertising income or (c) that “Welt Kompakt” is great because it’s a more convenient size than a broadsheet?

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Sophisticated, a pejorative…

Perusing wineblogs today I came across news of a raid in Italy on a producer who was passing off plonk as IGT Pinot Grigio from the Veneto, a popular product in the market for Italian exporters. The title of the officials carrying out the search and seizure ‘i Carabinieri del Nucleo Antisofisticazioni’ reminded me that ‘sophistication’ is a widely misunderstood term, having origins in practices that we today associate with adulteration. These police thus have no interest in arresting effete intellectuals or those with a weighty baggage of cultural capital, but hound the authors of food and drink scams. The OED has this as its’s first entry for the term:

1. Mixed with some foreign substance; adulterated; not pure or genuine.

1607 DEKKER Wh. Babylon Wks. 1873 II. 256 The drinke..they sweare Is wine sophisticated, that does runne Low on the lees of error.

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