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Meatgrinder or Filmcamera?

… either way it’s bad news for the television set.

Back from another hiatus…

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Is Paper Sharing Killing the Newspaper Industry?

I found this advertisement in Schonefeld airport in Berlin recently and was struck by the image which suggests the proliferation of a whole lexicon of anti-sharing imagery.

So does this ad tell you (a) not to share the news with your friends and neighbours (b) that reducing the distribution figures for the paper is hurting advertising income or (c) that “Welt Kompakt” is great because it’s a more convenient size than a broadsheet?

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Berlin, Groupiusstadt and STF2 in SF

So this page hasn’t been updated recently and I owe a lot of people mail (apologies). The reason is simple – a repetitive strain injury, which I hope will soon resolve itself, particularly because we’re off to film The Pirate Bay again shortly. Until then, it’s movies, books, food and wine for me. In the meantime here is a photo from one of the three Grosswohnsiedlung, Gropiusstadt, built in West Berlin (Neukölln) during the 1970s.

Incidentally, Steal This Film 2 will be shown in San Francisco tomorrow (!) in Craig Baldwin’sThe Other Cinema’ , ie, (saturday) March 1st, 8:30 at 992 Valencia (@ 21st) in the Mission. If you are curious to see the result on the big screen (thogh it was made for the small one). The film will be introduced by a hero of hours, Rick Prelinger, who is in the film himself.

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Wandering the Wine Route at Leoncavallo…

Report to come. From tomorrow it’s back to intellectual property.

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Mettere i Mani Nel Pasto

Despite being perenially attracted to the more political sessions at technology get-togethers, I must admit that my favourite session this year was about something more fundamental: bread baking (hack the bread). Fresh out of bed yesterday, I joined the group led by Otted and Tibi, who talked to us about the politics of food and and the material process of making our own bread, which we duly did. Half the group used industrially produced yeast, the others a natural alternative, the pasta madre. Being in something of a rush, I went for the blue pill and the short cut…. Kneading of the dough took place to a montage music, arranged to help us inject this fundamental foodstuff with a range of emotions modulated by the style of the composition: serenity, relaxation, anger, ecstacy….

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Strange Sights of Summer

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Dublin Street Art: Involuntary Witness

Taken on a rare summer morning on Pearse St. Dublin.

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Skscape Over Geneva

What it says on the can…

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Dawn At The TransHackMeeting in Humla, Oslo

When the sky is bright, dusk and dawn never fail to draw out my more lyrical side. This is a shot I took from the top of Hausmania, drunk and way past my bed-time.

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