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test on IP and the economy etc



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  1. Hi Alan, This is Joe. I’m a friend of Erik’s from Davis Square. I used to be neighbors with Mako and Mika. I’ve had “get in touch with Alan” on my to-do list since I saw you at a screening of Alan Resnais’s The Statues Also Die at MoMa a while back. I had to get going right after the screenings but I remember chatting with you in our kitchen.
    I’m at the end of my second year at NYU in the anthropology department. Just starting the process of learning the ropes in the video production part of my program.
    If you’re in New York and have time to get a drink I’d be really interested in talking to you. I’m still feeling pretty new to New York, plus your interests in law and the economy might shine a nice light on my dissertation project on markets for Chinese companies in the Far East of Russia.
    Hope things are good with you.

    Comment by Joseph Livesey | June 8, 2014 | Reply

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