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Given that I’ve been writing quite a lot about the French Creation and Internet law, aka Hadopi recently, this pages provide a guide to the various posts:


  • Three Strikes Law Against P2P in France (March 30) This first article about the law, written at the end of March, contains some context and a brief description of some of the divisions generated by Hadopi within the cultural world.
  • Hadopi: Amendment 138, A Dismissal for Dissent, and More Letters (May 7) A second article written in early April which begins by setting out the genesis of the law and Sarkozy’s involvement. It also covers covering the relationship between the EU Telecoms package and the Hadopi framework, and the view of independent cinema owners, and the story of Jérôme Bourreau-Guggenheim, an employee of the private TV network TF1, who was sacked from his job for privately expressing his opposition to the law in a letter to his political representative.


The debate over Hadopi has produced the regular publication of letters to the public on the part of different groups involved in cultural production, I translated two of them as I thought thy were of interest:

Initial Defeat of the Law

  • Hadopi Rejected (April 10) – Just a quick post regarding the surprise defeat of the law in the National Assembly. Alas it was immediately clear that it would be reintroduced by the government.

Technical Aspects of the Law

Just one post so far, containing a translation and brief commentary on the user software the government is proposing to protect oneself from the eventual application of the law.

Hadopi 2: From Rejection to Resuscitation

On June 11th, the first Hadopi legislation was partially struck down by the  Constitutional Court for breach of fundamental rights. A detailed summary and partial translation is provided below:

September 29 Update: After A long hiatus I got around to writing a summary of developments since Hadopi 1’s partial rejection by the constitutional Court in June



Print: (part of Libération), Le Monde, Le Point, Le Figaro

Online:  Numerama,com,, Electron Libre

Organizations: Qaudrature du Net, APRIL,  UFC-Que Choisir



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