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The Oil of the 21st Century

The Oil of the 21st Century” conference on Intellectual Property conflicts and perspectives was officially launched thursday night in Berlin, where the was a discussion of Terror, Drugs and Piracy in the shadow of Deleuze’s Post-Script on the Society of Control. I’ll post the notes from my talk next week.

The main event unfolds from next friday at Tucholskystr. 6 in Mitte, and I’ll be on a panel with Daniela from Piratbyran and Volker Grassmuck on saturday, discussing the pros and cons of thelegalization of file-sharing from a users’ perspective. All the necessary information is to be found on the website. The conference title is taken from Mark Getty, scion of an oil fortune, of Getty Images’ characterization of IP as the oil of the 21st century in an interview with the Economist magazine in 2000.

“The coils of a serpent are even more complex

that the burrows of a molehill.”



October 20, 2007 - Posted by | berlin, copyright, events

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  1. Very interested to hear your thoughts on the Oil of the 21st Century gathering…

    Alas, i could not attend..

    Comment by MaXRoach | October 30, 2007 | Reply

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