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G8 – Shake that Funky Anti-Piracy Thing

Summer brings with it the triste pageant of G8 meetings in increasingly bizarre locations. On this occasion they have been installed in a village of three hundred people, surrounded y a twelve kilometer fence! In nearby Rostock, which I had the dubious pleasure of visiting back in 1992 at the time of an attempted pogrom against asylum-seekers, protestors are engaged in the ritual cata and mouse duels with police and getting in some guerilla media action.

Short on anything of substance to agree upon, the horrific clichés of counterfeiting and piracy, and the imperative for intellectual property enforcement have been called upon to help the political class in their moment of need. Bullshit bingo: expect to hear about the threat of counterfiet medicines.

I liked the banner below but (a) can’t settle on a choice (b) am a bit disturbed by the echoes of Windows in that interface….

from rostock


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