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The Criminalization Directive and The Japanese Stalking Horse

Interesting and informative article from IP Watch, reviewing proceeedings at the Global Conference on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy. They report that Japan took the opportunity to float the idea of an international treaty on intellectual property enforcement. Some readers may recall that Japan and the EU have also launched an enforcement ‘joint venture‘ in recent years. Japan has not historically been a key protagonist in IP policy, so one wonders whther they are in fact a stalking horse for moves from elsewhere. The same report contains a quotes from various EU officials confirming that IP enforcement is to get more aggressive and the IPR clauses in EU trade agreements will become more exhaustive and precise.

Meanwhile the most recent EDRI-gram carries an editorial by Jonas Maebe from the FFII on IPRED 2, Constitution by Criminalization, where the manoeuvres around the directive are situated within the ongoing struggle for power between the various EU institutions. Elsewhere he highlights the attempts by friends of the music industry to remove the ‘commercial scale’ requirement for a criminal prosecution so as to employ it in the jihad against music downloading. I’ve previously compiled some resources on IPRED 2 which you can find here.

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