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A Pirate Legacy: Milan, December 10th

Below is a shot from Sunday’s demonstration against the Urbani law which criminalized filesharing even where there is no intention to profit commercially from it. More pics are available in Scambio Etico’s forum. (Take a moment to add your name to the EFF’s petition demanding the end of legal action against those sharing files).

Scambio Etico’s mission to achieve the repeal of all laws punishing filesharing on the net, and ultimately the legalization of the practice together with the provision of compensation for artists. In the call for the demonstration they announce:

“Seeing as they call us pirates, we identify with those from Malaysia described by Emilio Salgari; as they fought to free a people from the English yoke and abuse, we fight to liberate culture and knowledge from an international copyright regulation that is now outmoded, and completely disconnected from the healthy principles that once lay behind it.”

In recent days several other Italian sites have been the subject of new legal attacks, mostly connected to the emule/e2dk community. Nonetheless, the situation has not degenerated to the point reached in Hong Kong, where a Bit Torrent user recently lost his appeal against a three month custodial sentence, or the US, where a Camcorder pirate received seven years.


December 13, 2006 - Posted by | copyright, p2p, social cooperation

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