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Demonstration in support of P2P in Milan

Whilst technological conflicts have always been political their grassroots protagonists have generally shied away from traditional forms of political action. There have of course been exceptions: beside my computer sits an image from 1995 depicting the first time a web url constituted the entire text on a banner. It is carried by german leftists during a demo to protest the state’s attempts to suppress a magazine named Radikal. To this end they ordered german ISPs to cutt off access to all services provided by the dutch provider (later purchased by the former state telephone company). Then there was the demos across the US and beyond against the arrest of Dimitry Sklyarov in Las Vegas. An employee of Elcomsoft, developers of a program for accessing eBooks based on Adobe software, he was arrested for trafficking in circumvention devices under the DMCA.

Anywa, enough nostalgia, on sunday december 10th there will be a demonstration in Milan for the legalization of peer to peer. The organization is being handled by the recently formed group Scambio Etico (ethical exchange) and is being supported by a rapidly expanding list of groups as well as important sections of the p2p community. I’ll be in Bologna in the days prior to the 10th and will make the trip to Milan to document and talk to some of the participants.


November 29, 2006 - Posted by | copyright, italy, p2p, social cooperation

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